How does it work?

Here’s how GarageFox can find an expert to take care of your car for the best price.

Finding an affordable and professional mechanic to do maintenance work in a car is not an easy task. Here’s how GarageFox can find an expert to take care of your car for the best price.

Making a regular visit to an auto mechanic is a responsibility of every car owner who minds the safety of his own and other road users. Periodic inspection can prevent costly repairs of major parts of the car such an engine. Finally, a well-kept service book can be helpful during the car sale.

However, all the inspection, maintenance, and small repair costs can stack up, giving the car owner a headache. At GarageFox we aggregated pricelists from over 4’000 car workshops in Switzerland to help people find the cheapest service. Additionally, we collected over 12’000 reviews to create mechanic ratings that prove their expertise.

All of that is available on the mechanic search page. It displays instant quotes from mechanics in the selected area along with their ratings and other relevant information.

Example page: Prices of MFK Inspection near Geneva at

To begin a search enter your location, your car brand and the model in the top bar. It helps the system to provide the best quotes. Secondly, navigate to the left bar which lists available services in the selected area. Make sure to select the ones that are of your interest.

Car repair costs at glance

Immediately you will see a list of car workshops with their location, quote, specialization and special badges indicating features like additional repair insurance or cleaning service. The list can be sorted by distance, price, and ratings.

When booking through GarageFox there is a price guarantee meaning that the price displayed is what you will pay to the mechanic.

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Typically, getting many quotes from car workshops around would require phone calls and the time needed to do them. With GarageFox the quotes are not only instant, but the booking itself can be done online 24/7.

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